About Us


 Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Jennie and I live with my husband and three adorable rescue bunnies. I have had the joy of being a bunny mum for over thirteen years and wouldn’t want it any other way.


My furry family consists of Whirley our indoor bunny. He is seven, a cheeky chap who rules the house and runs circles around my husband. Smudge, aged seven and Percy aged one live outside together in Rose Cabin. They have free run of our bunny proofed garden when I’m with them and thoroughly enjoy the space and freedom. 

I did holiday boarding in Watford many years ago with plenty of returning guests but had to stop when we moved to Arlesey in Bedfordshire as the house and garden were in need of tlc. All work was completed  in 2017 when we opened bunnyholidayvillage for bunny guests to enjoy a well deserved break from their human companions. 

The holiday village comprises four large holiday homes, Strawberry Cottage, Bluebell Lodge, Carrot Cottage and Dandelion Den.  In addition are two large hutches with runs permanently attached in a stable (which can be booked as one accommodation as a connection tube has been added between the hutches to give a larger space).  Our holiday homes available are small in number in order to ensure all our visitors have a wonderful holiday. All our areas are insulated and monitored by CCTV in a secure garden. No areas are heated so house bunnies are only invited to stay during the warmer months for their own comfort. All areas have wall mounted fans should we have some warm weather.   Please see our accommodation gallery for photos.

All our areas are insulated to help against the cold and the heat for our guests comfort.  This summer we decided that some days the world is just too hot to be sitting around in a fur coat so we have installed air conditioning units in Carrot Cottage and Dandelion Den for our guests to enjoy.  A totally luxurious bunny paradise during the extreme summer days. 

Since opening our holiday village here two years ago we have met loads of lovely gorgeous bunnies,  many of whom are indoor. So we can invite our indoor guests to join us all year round we have decided to heat a couple of our areas, Carrot Cottage and Dandelion Den.  Our heaters are safely tucked away to keep little paws awayfrom it without preventing the heat from circulating. Happy to welcome everyone all year round now .  There is an additional charge of £2 per night for the option to use the heating in Carrot Cottage and Dandelion Den.

Due to cross contamination no visitors go outside on the grass. They are able to exercise in their holiday homes as much or as little as they like as there is ample space. All areas are fitted with internal wire doors to allow sun and breeze to enter and our guests to enjoy looking outside.

 Areas are cleaned daily during all guests stay. After each departure,  all areas are cleared, mopped with pet friendly strong  disinfectant, steam cleaned then disinfected again. All furniture and hutches have the same cleaning process to ensure the areas are spotless and thoroughly hygienic before any new guest arrives.  


You only need to bring dried food as I provided a huge selection of veggies plenty of tasty hay and toys to enjoy. 

Viewing is welcome beforehand. bunnyholidayvillage is close to the A1 at junction 10, close to Hitchin and Letchworth. 

If you have any questions please contact me on 07927 618067 or email me jenniemwright@yahoo.co.uk. My Facebook page is bunnyholidayvillage where you can see many more photos of happy holiday guests.

I work for four hours during the morning, the rest of the time I will be ensuring your bunnies have a holiday to remember.