For health reasons we ask that the bunnies are vaccinated  and any health issues are discussed prior to booking as no one likes  health surprises.  

To ensure the good health of all visiting and resident bunnies, vaccinations need to incude the RHD and Myxomatosis Combo, followed by the RHD2 vaccine.  These need to have been completed at least 2 weeks prior to the arrival of the guest for their holiday.

 Copies of Vet Record Cards need to be sent through to confirm your booking by email or WhatsApp.  We cannot book a holiday guest in until we have received this. 

Please note that all visitors must be spayed or neutered.  


If your bunny is unwell when staying with us we will take them to your vets as long as it is within 10 miles.  If not, we will take them to our vets.

Treatment charges will be the owner's responsibility.


We accept cash, bank transfer or cheques.  Please pay on collection of your bunny.


Please book as far ahead as possible to avoid disappointment .  If your plans change please do let us know.


Pick ups, drop offs and viewing our village are welcome any day (including weekends)  from 2.00pm to 6.00pm.

Contacting via telephone and messaging is welcome at any time but, if during the evening, may not be responded to until the following day.  We will however do our best to respond to your enquiry ASAP. 

This allows for family time, resident bunnies time and visiting bunnies evening care to be carried out to the highest standard. 


 Security is very important so we have installed CCTV cameras in all of our holiday accommodations and surrounding garden to coincide with all our other security measures we have taken.  There is a picture in the gallery of night time  and day time in Bluebell Lodge taken from the CCTV camera. When not actually in with our guests cleaning and chatting etc they can be monitored anytime anywhere from my phone. Peace of mind for all.